Our Story

Why did we start Hylife Nutrition?

We started Hylife Nutrition as we felt something was missing in the market. A product we wanted to take ourselves. Something we could take daily, be proud of and call our own. When you first step into a gym and have no clue what to do, you're bombarded with information from different people; take this supplement; take this protein powder; try this workout. Half the stuff you try never seems to work, or is just full of nasty ingredients anyway. Over the years of training and studying nutrition/fitness, no products seemed to speak out to us. We wanted a clean product, no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, flavours or colours. A gluten, dairy, soy, GMO, hormone free product to prevent any potential harmful reactions. And finally, something that tasted good, which is made from real natural powdered ingredients that are fully organic. Not much to ask hey! Just two mates who believed in themselves that much they chose to go and create their own brand that could provide all of this to help others. The brand we are proud to call "Hylife Nutrition".

The Hylife Nutrition difference.

What makes Hylife Nutrition different from the rest? It's the great company/brand ethos that is for everybody. Whether you go to the gym or take part in sports or exercise or just very conscious of the environment and how certain products/companies don't help with climate change; we like to think that we're a company/brand that suits everyone. We care about what we eat and drink, our health & fitness, the environment and what we can do to play our part. That is why we chose to make our protein powder products without gluten, dairy, soy, GMO, hormone, artificial sweeteners, flavours, preservatives or colours. Not only that, but our tubs are 100% plastic-free alongside the coconut scoops that we sell.

We are a community of like-minded, health-conscious individuals. And that is why we are proud to say we are different.