The Benefits Of Going Organic

Happy Organic September! It’s a wonderful month to talk about all things organic. It’s about recognising and celebrating the goodness of organic produce and raise awareness of why organic produce and farming is the way forward!

 At Hylife Nutrition, we’re proud to say that we’ve been certified organic; it means we’ve met the specific high standards of what’s needed to be ‘organic’. All of our ingredients met the rules of ‘how organic produce must be grown, farmed or made.’ (Soil Association,

 There are an increasing number of benefits for why going organic or eating more organic produce is the way forward.

For one, organic foods have fewer pesticides sprayed on to them. Organic farms can only use certain pesticides and these contain natural ingredients.( )

When foods or produce aren’t organic, crops are sprayed beforehand with pesticides. We can’t be too sure what’s actually in the spray, but we know from researching and the media that those pesticides can’t be any good for our bodies! As well as that, what about the animals? The animals may be affected by the pesticides and this isn’t good either.

Secondly, it’s about the happiness of the animals. Their welfare is a top priority. Organic produce from animals like chickens need to be happy! They should be encouraged to live naturally; animals should be able to roam around their habitat freely, graze on natural foods, not cooped up in small spaces and have lots of fresh air.

Thirdly, our health. A huge factor in going organic. Organic foods and produce specify that 'the use of additives and processing aids is heavily restricted in organic.’ (Soil Association, 2021; ) These aren’t good for our bodies at all!

Our protein powders contain no artificial colours or preservatives. When we were certified organic, our proteins were tested to ensure we included no preservatives, artificial food colourings and sweeteners.

So if you’re thinking, ‘okay, this all sounds great but I can’t change my entire diet/lifestyle right away!’ you don’t need to. Start small. Start with one thing first. Start with a few fruits and veggies and buy the organic versions of these. You’re still making a difference; one is better than none!

Do you eat organic produce already? How is it going? Are you thinking of making the switch? Let us know how it goes!

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