Staying on track in 2024

So, January is done (and what a long month that felt like!) and we’re now in to February; the second month of 2024.

 Reflecting back, how was the first month for you? Did you achieve any small wins? What nutrition and fitness goals did you smash? Which ones didn't you achieve? 

 Not everyone finds it easy to stick to their goals; some of us may have already given up! Not to worry. We've got a few tips to help you and give it another go. 

If you've stuck to your goals so far (well done! 🤝🏼) these tips should keep you going! 


1️⃣ PLAN

Plan your meals for the week and plan your workouts. Be prepared. Have a rough idea of what you plan to eat for the day / week ahead so you don't make costly decisions. 

If you train in the gym, know what you're going to train ahead of time so you can just get in there and get it done. You don't need to write your entire workout down if you don't want to, but the aim is to be prepared. 



Set yourself some goals to achieve for the week and some you want to achieve for the month. You may want to set one goal for the week and a slightly bigger one for the month. It makes the process more exciting as you've got something to aim for. 



Remember why you started. Remember why you initially chose to do this. There are bound to be days where you're not feeling it; the motivation isn't there or you're just tired. You've got to think of your why. Why did you choose to do it? What's your reason? That should be the biggest fuel for you to carry on or to restart. 


We're always happy to help you. If you've got any questions about training, some advice on goals to set or need any tips, email us or send us a DM on Instagram. 


Have a great February, Hylife fam. 



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