Plastic-Free Swaps for Plastic-Free July

It’s the start of Plastic-Free month and another chance for us to focus on how we can reduce our use of single-use plastics.

There’s a huge plastic-waste problem. We can’t hide away from it and it’s something we all, globally, need to change. It's not about not using plastic at all in our lives, it’s changing the way we use it; especially single-use plastics.[1]

Here, we’re sharing our top tips for going plastic-free this July. If you’re wanting to find ways to reduce your single-use plastic usage with some plastic-free swaps, read on.


1. Get a reusable cup

Use a reusable cup when buying take-out hot drinks.

We know there’s sometimes nothing better than getting a delicious hot, cold, or iced drink from your favourite coffee house [especially the festive cups at Christmas which make us more inclined to purchase!] but for this month of July, see if you can take your reusable cup in to store, instead of the single-use cups they automatically give you when purchasing.  

Many coffee shops now offer reusable cup schemes with some offering discounted hot drinks if you bring in your own cup.

If you bring your own reusable cup at Costa, they give you an extra bean for going green [which means you get your free one, the 10th one, faster!]. [2]

After a three-month trial in London, Starbucks are fully initiating a 5p paper cup charge across all their stores in Britain in a bid to get customers to use a reusable cup when purchasing a hot drink.  [3]


2. Say no, thank you! To plastic bags

Plastic bags are everywhere!

Research and analysis in to the amount of single-use plastic bags, reported that 406 million single-use plastic bags were sold by retailers in 2022-2023. [4] Mind-blowing!

Alternatives? Well, we know Bag4Life’s are fantastic options and provide a quality alternative to single-use plastic bags. Keep these in the back of your car for when you need them, but remember to put them back in your boot once you’ve unpacked your shopping!

For an easy on-the-go little bag to take with you for smaller shopping, a cloth bag is also a great option.

3. Use wax wraps instead of cling film

We’re all about meal-prepping to save time [and money!], but have you thought about using wax wraps to wrap your lunch with, instead of cling film? It’s a sustainable alternative which can also be reused and they come in some lovely designs so you can wrap your lunch in style.


4. Don’t use single-use cutlery

If you know you’re going to purchase lunch, or any meal on the go, that requires some sort of cutlery, pack a reusable cutlery set instead of single use sets that can be given [just make sure you remember to take them out your bag at the end of each day to wash them up!]

5. Make your own packed-lunches instead of buying packed sandwiches

It’s as simple as that! Instead of purchasing sandwiches on-the-go where the packaging isn’t reusable, make your own!


6. Use bamboo toothbrushes

If you’re a manual toothbrush user, have you ever thought about switching to a bamboo toothbrush? Not only are they plastic-free, they provide a better alternative for sustainable living and are better for the environment. Some research has shown that they can also be antimicrobial.[5]


7. Buy unpacked fruits and vegetables

Now we know this one is a bit of a tricky one as most supermarkets have some fruits and vegetable already pre-packed, but buying them loose can help. Bananas, avocados, lemons, apples; just a few examples of fruits that you can purchase unpacked that saves on buying them in unnecessary plastic.

  1. No more plastic water bottles

There are so many fantastic companies that sell reusable water bottles, that are also aesthetic to the eye!

We’ve listed some of our favourite companies below:


Chilly’s – their water bottles are beautiful and they also sell reusable cutlery, food pots and bags.

 Reusable Water Bottles | Reusable Coffee Cups | Chilly's (


Sho – this is another brand that we love and they sell fantastic cups to drink your tea and coffee in style. They also sell food containers… and a section for your furry 4-legged friends. SHO - Reusable Water Bottles, Coffee Cups & Flasks (


Ocean Bottle – every sale made goes towards collecting just over 11kg of ocean plastic!  The World's Most Needed Reusable Water Bottle » Ocean Bottle





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