Planting 2 trees for every sale!


Our mission here at Hylife Nutrition is to make top quality products affordable and sustainable.

When creating our products, we put a huge amount of time, energy and money into creating what we believe is the perfect product. An organic, vegan and plant-based protein powder that only contains high quality ingredients.

 We knew we had to stay away from plastic, too. It brought many trials and tribulations but after months of hard work, we figured out a way to make our cardboard tubs sealed without using any plastic at all. This was a huge success and a massive milestone for us as a company; we knew we had set out what we wanted to achieve.

 Once all the manufacturing had been completed, we looked into how we could go one step further. We wanted to give back to our world. A familiar search that kept arising and what many companies had started implementing was to plant a tree for every sale made. Bingo! Something we could do to not only give back to our amazing world but to help fight the ever-growing climate crisis we as humanity are fighting.

 So, we partnered up with Ecologi and plant not only one, but two trees for every sale made! We’ve planted 1256 trees whilst reducing 1.5 tonnes of carbon reduction in the atmosphere. This wouldn’t have been possible without our partners Ecologi who’re doing an amazing job allowing individuals and businesses to be able to easily participate. It also wouldn’t be possible without, of course, our loyal customers who we like to call family.


To visit our homepage on Ecologi and to see where and how many trees we’ve planted so far, go to


Thank you once again for all the support as always and we look forward to planting more trees on your behalf very soon.


Yours Truly,

Liam Hyland & James Awad

Co-founders & CEOS

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