Lockdown 2.0


As we approach the back end of the year, it’s an ending like no-one has seen before. We couldn’t have expected a year like we’ve had. Those first few months in the first lockdown, unable to do or take part in regular day-to-day activities was a massive strain on most of us.  

In the Spring of 2020, this new, unknown virus was spreading rapidly and something had to be done. Lockdown was implemented by our government to help control the virus. This resulted in most people working from home, or if possible, being placed on the furlough scheme. It’s important to look at the positives in any situation and always look to grow from adversity. There was a sudden surge in exercising, whether that was from the comfort of homes or in local parks and it was great to see the masses not letting this unprecedented event affect their physical health. If you’ve ever worked out, you’ll know how much your mood is instantly lifted after going to the gym or taking part in any exercise. The endorphins flowing after a great session are always a great experience, especially when you didn’t feel like working out in the first place! 

It’s all good having the best intentions going into lockdown 2.0 and wanting to exercise just as much as you did during the first lockdownbut now it’s Autumn going into Winter! It’s a lot harder to go out for a run in the park when it’s dark and gloomy in the mornings, or having to get out of your warm bed to lift some weights in your garden whilst it’s wet and cold; we’ve all been there! Not everyone has the opportunity to workout inside, especially if you don’t have the spaceHowever, if we’ve learnt anything from the first lockdown, it's that we are a nation of resilient individuals; when times get tough, we don’t back down. 

At Hylife Nutrition, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes. We know that this period of time is not only tough physically, but also mentally due to the financial constraints of work or being put on furlough. We know our health is paramount, especially now. If you’re anything like us, (which we believe you are, as you’re here in the first place) your health and fitness is a big priority. Many ideas have come and gone through our team meetings and we want to do our part to help give people the opportunity to access quality products at affordable prices. We want you to keep working out, maintain your healthy eating and prioritising your sleep. These are all part of a daily routine that can maximise your potential and keep you going through this pandemic, and life in general.  

We’ve decided that we’re going to add a 25% discount to all our products for the whole of lockdown. Yes, you heard that right; 25%! We want to show you our solidarity with each and every one of you during lockdown 2.0. We'll also be looking at doing a weekly giveaway to keep it fun and entertaining whilst we’re all on this journey together. 

Look out for your family, friends and of course, yourself. Please remember that our customer service emails or DM’s are always open if you just need someone to talk to. Keep strong and don’t let this virus stop you from being your best self. Remember, through adversity we will always grow stronger.   


With Best Wishes,  

The Hylife Nutrition Team 

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