Fun and Easy Ways to get Your Daily Movement In

If those lockdowns were anything to go by, we HAD to find ways to move our bodies! We know we can't sit all day long; it's no good for us. We're made to move! We know not everyone goes to the gym and we know it's not for everyone. You've also probably gotten bored of those daily walks during lockdown, too!  

So, we've come up with some easy ways to get your daily movement in; you might even realise you're already doing some of them: 


  1. Cleaning your home 

    Hoovering, dusting, mopping, sweeping; all of these get our bodies moving (whilst giving our home some TLC, too 😉). 

  1. Take the stairs

    If you live in an apartment, forget the lift, take the stairs! "Well what happens if I've got tons of shopping bags?" How about making it a competition? See how quickly you can get the shopping up the stairs! (of course, don’t take too many bags at once, we don’t want you to hurt yourself!) If you live in a house and someone has left something downstairs and it needs to go up, don’t just leave it on the stairs, go up and take it upstairs with you.

  2. Deskercise


Yes. Deskercise is a real thing. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time working at a desk, this is for you. You don’t even have to be in a desk-based environment to do this. If you’re sitting down working for a long period of time, we’ve linked a video for you to watch and try out for yourself! 


  1. A purposeful ‘5 minute get-up’ every hour

    Just like the previous idea, if you know you’re going to be sitting down for a while working, or even knowing that you’re not doing much all day, every hour do something for 5 minutes; a mini-circuit consisting of star jumps, squats and lunges. It’ll give you a little burst of energy! 

  2. Park away from the entrance/exit; get off the bus stop before

    Yes, we know it’s easy to park as close to where you need to be as possible (you get those days where you really cannot be asked), but park your car a little further away to get those daily steps in.  

    Now, with getting off the bus, how about getting off the stop before and enjoying a longer stroll in to work? Perhaps grab a takeaway coffee on the way? (If you’re running late, stay on the bus!)  


How else do you ensure you get your daily movement in? Leave a comment below and we’ll share on our Instagram!  

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