Becoming More Sustainable

How can we be more sustainable at home? 

Being sustainable or becoming a more ‘sustainable person’ is a topic that’s spoken about a lot more recently. Adapting the way we live and becoming more sustainable can help look after our world and the natural resources we have around us for the future humans in our world. We can look after our world and our local environment in lots of different ways.  

At Hylife Nutrition, it was important for us to think about sustainability when we created our packaging. Our protein tubs are plastic free. We don’t use plastic scoops in our protein either; we use coconut scoops instead. We also work with Ecologi and ensure that for every sale we make, we plant two trees. We’re really enjoying the journey of sustainability and we’re going to continue and do as much as we can.  

You can also do your bit at home to become more sustainable. Here are a few things you can do to help your local environment and our planet: 

  1. Recycle and reuse

Have a bag or a box set up at home where you can place all your recyclable items; plastic, foil, paper etc. It’s actually quite enjoyable seeing the recycling you’ve collected and knowing you’ve done your bit. Just remember; be sure to minimise the amount of single-use plastic you use, in general, as much as possible.  


  1. Grow your own produce

There’s nothing better than picking fresh fruit and veggies from your garden knowing you’ve grown them yourself. You can grow pretty much anything (unless it needs a particular climate from international countries!) and either buy seeds or use the seeds from your fully grown fruit or veg.  


  1. Go paperless

Many banks encourage you to go paperless and get your statements online as oppose to through your letter box. This is a great way to save paper!  


  1. Stop using single-use plastic straws

If you like a straw with your drink, see if you can invest in a metal or bamboo straw. These can be used again and again. No need to throw these away! 


Are you already living a sustainable life? How do you feel about it?

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